Get Your Australia Visit Visa Application form Bangalore

Australia has one of the world’s most magnificent landscapes, rich culture, economic and political stability.

The country is one of the foremost immigrant-friendly countries with frequent visits from tourists, businessmen, and workers on vacation.

To get the Australia visit visa, you need to strictly adhere to Australia’s immigration process as stipulated by the department of home affairs. Anything other than that might lead to a denial.

We at DM-Consultants have Australian immigration experts that will provide professional assistance and guidance towards your application. Our team are very conversant with the application process, requirements, and policies involved in applying for an Australia visit visa.

Thus, we provide an initial counseling to make sure that you meet the requirements for the application. Afterward, our consultants and processing experts will guide you through the entire process.

Upon a successful evaluation, our MARA-registered lawyers will represent your application for an Australia visit visa from Bangalore.

Types of Australia Visit Visa

There are up to 16 different visit visas for Australia. Each of these visas varies based on the purpose of the visit. Same applies to the validity, processing time, and cost.

Below are some of the categories of Australian visit visa:

VISA CATEGORYPurposeValidityApprox. CostProcessing time
Tourist stream (outside/Inside Australia) – subclass 600Special category for visitors planning to visit their family or friends in Australia for a short period. It is not for medical or business-related visitsUp to 12 monthsAUD 14518 – 27 days
Electronic travel authority – subclass 601Same with eVisitor


Up to 3 months per visitUp to AUD 20 for the online applicationUndisclosed
eVisitor – subclass 651Relevant for frequent visitors who travel to Australia for multiple times within a year where each visit can last up to 3 monthsUp to 3 months per visitFreeAbout 2 days


First working holiday visa – subclass 417For people between the age of 18 to 35, who are Irish, Canadian, or French citizens to have their work holiday in Australia. They can also work during this period12 monthsAUD 485Ranges from 14 – 26 days
Business visitor stream – subclass 600For individuals who want to visit Australia mainly for business purposeUp to 3 monthsAUD 145Ranges from 11 – 17 days

There are other categories of Australia visit visa.

What are the Requirements and Eligibility for Australia Visit Visa?

Each visa category might have its own set of requirements and eligibility. Some of the requirements needed are:

  • A valid passport.
  • You will provide a medical report to prove that you are free from infectious diseases.
  • Documents that will prove that your visit to Australia is for a legitimate purpose and that you won’t overstay your visa validity period.
  • Provide proof of financial capability in sponsoring your travel itinerary and living cost.
  • The application must support the best interest of any minor under the age of 18.

Applying for An Australian Visit Visa in Kuwait

The application is majorly online. Before you continue with the application, ensure that you have the accurate documents and the right information.

Once you have your document ready, you can apply via your immiaccount and wait for the results.

Nevertheless, our professional Australia immigration consultants will professionally represent your profile through a smooth and efficient process. The outcome is a successful Australia visit visa application from Bangalore!







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