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The Australia study visa allows you to live and school in Australia as a legal resident. There are guidelines provided by the Department of State to obtain this permit.

Australia has one of the best innovative and technical institutions in the world. Recently, education in Australia has gained global recognition.

Well, this progress is due to the Australian government’s focus on building innovation and technology through her institutions.

Applicants who intend to study in Australia for less than 3 months do not need a student visa. But every program that exceeds 3 months will require a student visa.

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What do you need to apply for a study visa in Australia?

To successfully apply for the Australia study visa, you need to provide the following:

  • CRICOS-approved letter of admission from the designated institution
  • English test certificates, IELTS, TOEFL, etc., is preferable. However, you may not require this if you’re a citizen of a native English-speaking country
  • Police certificate
  • Medical report from a certified practitioner
  • OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) document
  • Travel itinerary, accommodation arrangements, and proof of funds
  • A letter of intent to explain your aim of migrating to Australia and why you must leave the country after your studies.

Cost of applying for your study visa in Australia

The cost of the application will depend on the location of processing. It is for about AUD 573.

Australia Student Visa Validity

The Australia student permit validity can range between 3 months to six years. It all depends on the length of your program.

Interestingly, the government permits international students to work for some time after their study in the country.

Therefore, a 2-year M.Sc program is purely to have a study visa with a validity of two years.


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