New Zealand


New Zealand is a country that offers a perfect location for several activities such as vacation, business meetings, tourism, and family visits. It is a beautiful country with beautiful topography, excellent culture, and vast socio-economic potential.

Our team consists of professional and expert immigration consultants. These consultants are conversant and experienced with the different policies and application processes for a New Zealand visit visa.

Therefore, we are very qualified and always ready and happy to help make your New Zealand visa application and eventual acquisition a seamless one from Kuwait.

Different Types and Levels of New Zealand Visit Visa

New Zealand visit visas are of different types and are categorized based on the reason for the visit.

  • Visitor Visa: Visitor visa can be valid for up to 9 months, and is available mostly to migrants who will be in the country for a short period or who are coming for exploration purposes.

Such visitors are, however, required to provide financial proof showing that they are capable of catering for themselves while in the country.

  • Visa Waiver Visitor Visa: citizens of countries that operate visa waivers are eligible for the application of waiver visitor visa and with this visa can stay up to 3 months. UK citizens can stay up to 6 months with the waiver visa.
  • Occupational Registration Visitor Visa: This visa has about three months validity period. It is for professionals and business people that are visiting New Zealand just for the registration of their businesses.
  • Group Visitors Visa: this visa category is for people visiting the country as a group, and such a group has to be recognized by law. The validity period of this visa is just one month.

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