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To be able to visit the U.S, you need apply for a United states tourist or visit visa. The USA is one of the most powerful nations of the world, with vast socio-cultural heritage, economic stability, human capital development, beautiful geographic terrain, among others.

Lots of people visit the country for different purposes ranging from tourism to business meetings, family visits, and several others.

Recently, the US immigration policies have had some changes. So, in order not to be denied a visa, strict adherence to the provisions of the visit visa application is required.

Fortunately, we have a team of highly trained and experienced US visit visa agents who are well conversant with the practices and immigration policies of the United States.

Our primary purpose is to ensure that your visa application is successful. We operate a very transparent process. Also, we make sure to keep our clients abreast of the whole application process and procedures.

Categories of US Visit/Tourist Visa

If you want to travel to the US for a short period, you must possess a non-immigrant visa. Only those eligible for the visa waiver program are not required to have this visa.

Visitor visa is under the category of the non-immigrant visa. You have to obtain one if you are visiting the US for business, tourism, or both.

Visitor Visa B2: a B2 visa is required if your reason for the visit is for any of the listed purposes below:

  • Vacation
  • Medical Care
  • Family and friends
  • Social engagement
  • Sport or musical activities
  • Short non-degree offering recreational studies

Business Visitor Visa B1: this visa category is mainly for people visiting for academic research or business.

So, if you have a business meeting to attend in the US or an educational or research conference to attend in the US, you will need a B2 visa.

Visa Waiver Program: this is specific to citizens of participating countries in the US visa waiver program who wish to visit the US for a short time. They do not require a visa.

Citizens of Bermuda and Canada are in the category of people that do not need a visa to visit the United States for a short period.

Note: holding a visit visa does not permit you to study or work in the United States; neither does it qualify you for permanent residency.

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