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Poland Business Visa (TRP) is one of the major choices for the people who look forward to starting their business in the Eastern Europe.
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    POLAND TRP (Temporary Residence Permit) – Business

    Poland is a lucrative investment destination that offers stability and a huge potential for business development. The country welcomes many businessmen from different scales to do business and support the economy of Poland. Being a member of the European Union, it has a high influx of new enterprises. If you also plan to establish a business in this country, you can avail of multiple benefits offered by the Polish government.

    Reasons for Business Immigration to Poland:

    With the formation of a company in Poland, you can enjoy accommodation within its territory. It is offered on the basis of D-type national visa. After confirming the business activities in terms of profits and employment generation, you will become entitled to the Temporary Residence Permit or TRP.

    It allows foreign investors to stay in Poland and other Schengen Area countries for a period up to 90 days. The country has the lowest tax rates in comparison to other European nations. The financial system is stable and supported by major banks. Most importantly, it has an open migration policy which gives unlimited rights to travel for all TRP holders.


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    The Requirements for Business Immigration to Poland:

    The process of obtaining TRP in Poland under investment program requires fulfillment of certain important conditions. They include:

    1. The desired investment capacity.
    2. Prior experience of doing business successfully.
    3. Travel history of the applicants.
    4. Proof of accommodation in the country.
    5. Relevant contracts and details related to your employment or business.
    6. Evidence to prove your ability to cover living expenses of yourself and dependent family members during your residence in Poland.

    The Process of Business Immigration to Poland:

    The Polish government has simplified immigration process to promote more investments from foreign business owners. To initiate the process, you need to submit the right documents within a stipulated period. Typically, processing of permit takes the duration of 3-4 months for completion. You should obtain a temporary residence visa to enter the country. This visa is issued to the applicants who prove their intent to stay in the country for employment of business activities. It is valid for a period up to 2 years and on its expiry, you need to renew the permit for another 2-year period. You can make an application for a temporary visa in the Polish consulate of your domicile state.

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    We possess the right combination of resources and expertise required to streamline and expedite the process of business immigration to Poland. If you are interested to explore these opportunities, contact our experts for more details.

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