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This is a special visa track that makes it possible for foreign applicants and investors to attain residency in exchange for qualified investments.
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    If you are seeking professional progression in a developed country, the United Kingdom is an excellent destination for you. The country has a stable economy with a high growth rate and per capita income. You can expand your business in the UK by catering to a high-end market and one of the largest financial centers in Europe. To get started with your enterprise in this country, you need to follow a proper procedure for immigration. It entails several legal formalities and documentation for which you can rely on our expertise. When you want to explore entrepreneur program for business immigration to the UK, it is essential to understand the procedures and tiers of programs for which you are eligible.

    Why Consider Business Immigration to the UK?

    Being a member of the prestigious G8 group, the United Kingdom has a high standard of living and excellent potential for growth. It has a diverse society with remarkable educational standards and best medical services. With this immigration program, you will get easy access to entire Europe and become eligible for an attractive tax regime meant for non-domicile UK residents.


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    Requirements for Business Immigration to the UK:

    The applicants willing to apply for a permanent residence in the UK must demonstrate certain specific eligibility conditions that include:

    1. Financial capability to sustain your own and your dependents’ accommodations without any employment.
    2. Spend at least 50% of your time or 6 months every year in the country to maintain your residential visa.
    3. Invest a minimum of ₤200,000 in a new enterprise based in the UK.
    4. Provide fulltime employment to at least two EEA nationals.
    5. Present a feasible business plan.
    6. Invest your own money in the form of cash or share capital for equal or controlling shares in the business.
    7. Invest 75% of investment amount in certified government bonds, share capital in trading UK companies, or loan capital in active and trading companies in the UK.

    Process of Business Immigration to the UK:

    There are three important steps to be followed for this immigration program. They include:

      1. Obtain a visa or an EU passport to work and live in the country.
      2. Open a bank account as per your status. For example, high net-worth individuals get offshore services in major banks while working travelers and new immigrants need to follow longer procedures.
      3. Obtain a national insurance or NI number for identifying you to the Department of Work & Pensions and HM Revenue & Customs.

    How Can We Help?

    The process of business immigration to the UK entails a multi-tiered system that requires proper documentation at each level. At DM Consultants, we possess years of experience and a team of skilled consultants to ensure expediency and accuracy in every process.

    Whether you need to apply for online services or make an investment in a new UK business, we will stand firmly by your side to simplify every process as per the specific regulations of the destination country. Right from permanent residency to British Naturalization, we offer comprehensive support that you need. Moreover, our experts are always updated about the policy changes to integrate them into your application process.

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