Certified ICCRC Members List: A true evidence of Ethics and Transparency as DM-Consultants receives ICCRC Full Certification

DM-Consultants has continued to display its strong passion for establishing reliable and trusted immigration practices in India. Sequentially, the company has been fully enlisted into the ICCRC member’s list.

The certification was issued through Mr. Gurpreet Singh (R-415351) to Mr. Chetan Khumbar and Vidisha Khumbar, the CEO and founders of DM-Consultant.

The ICCRC, being a government regulatory body for the Canadian immigration providers, has consistently maintained its standards in implementing the laws that govern immigration practices as it is enshrined under the IRPA Act.

Therefore, all immigration consultancies are tested, registered, and approved. This is to ensure they operate in compliance with the laws and obligations of the Canadian government.

Having gone through a series of training, tests, and eligibility-check, the ICCRC has decided to award the very revered certification to the company. While receiving the certificates through its RCIC agent, Mr. Gurpreet, the founders reaffirmed their dedication to continue to deliver its mandate to the people of India.

“India is a great country, no doubt, a lot of people have fallen victim to immigration scandals over the years, and this is what DM-Consultant is here to correct. Our goal is to establish an immigration system and process devoid of mischief and to restore trust in the immigration industry of India. I am very delighted today because the company has been on that path, and even our challenges cannot deter us from delivering our mandate.” – Chetan Khumbar, founder and managing partner, DM-Consultants.

The inclusion of the company in the ICCRC member list depicts trust and effective consultancy because the applicant will now have access to direct information and updates regarding the Canadian immigration processes.

Besides, such a company will be able to represent its client’s profile through the RCIC lawyers, and of course, this will build trust between prospective immigrants and the representing consultancies.

The certification is just a step ahead on the ladder. Although there are so many immigration companies in Pune India, DM-Consultant remains steadfast in ensuring we abide by the best immigration ethics and practices. Therefore, Indian residents will continue to get the best, reliable, and efficient representation for all immigration processes.” – Vidisha Khumbar, Founding partner, DM-Consultants.

As the ICCRC full certification remains an equivalent document for all Canadian immigration agencies to possess, citizens and residents of India should ensure they check-out for such a certificate before signing up with any company.

This will help to monitor and curb the susceptibility to fraud, third-party engagement, and false representation.

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