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This is a special visa track that makes it possible for foreign applicants and investors to attain residency in exchange for qualified investments.
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    Get Your Investor Visa for the Uk From Chennai

    Get your hands on one of the most profitable UK immigration programs – the investor visa. It is a desire for foreign investors to get a profitable and thriving market. Fortunately, you do make not only a profit but also have the chance to become a UK passport holder in a few years.
    But there are certain conditions attached to it. Also, you have to send a proper application in line with the requirements.

    Get the Experts to handle your UK investor visa

    DM-Consultant is a team of legal immigration experts and counselors. With our years of experience, we always provide a resourceful and transparent investor visa application.

    Our services do not only cover the visa processing. We begin by counseling you and also take care of your landing in Canada when you get the visa. We get to know your intended business, previous experience, and also assess your profile to be sure that you are eligible. We specialize in business research, paper works, investor visa processing, and postlanding arrangements.

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    With over 12 office locations in over 6 countries, we provide local knowledge with global experience.


    Our experts suggest documentation submission as per country’s policy and applicant base.

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    What are the benefits of holding a UK investor visa?

    When you become a foreign investor in the UK, you will enjoy:

     Citizenship benefits after a few years of becoming an investor
     Health care services for your kids
     Profitable economy to do business
     Ability to sponsor your family to the country
     Multicultural society, great infrastructure, and ties with other countries.

    Requirements to apply for the business immigration program in the UK

    Having understood the dynamics of this program, you should also take note of the following requirements:

     Minimum investment cost of $2M in any business within the country
     A business plan approved by the authorities
     A UK escrow bank account
     Bank statement
     Invest in government stocks, bonds, or shares, with at least three-fourth of the total investment value
     Should be willing to reside in the country for at least 6 months throughout the duration of your visa

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