How To Get A Canada Visa Easier

Canada is a wonderful destination for immigrants for a variety of reasons. This country is safe, has good facilities including education, health facilities, and public amenities. Therefore, to be among the lucky applicants, knowledge about how the process works is a smart move. Luckily, this article is prepared to let you know how to get a Canada visa easier.

Get a medical check

Regardless of whether you’re planning to study, work, or visit Canada for a period of less than six months, it’s important to get a medical check. However, you can’t go for a medical check up from any doctor. It’s very important that you get the check up done by a registered physician. Medical check ups last for only one year. Therefore, ensure to apply after checking that your medical report has not yet expired.

Duration of the process

Ensure to understand the duration of the application process of your specific visa. If you’re considering a program such as the Canada Express Entry System, this doesn’t take more than six months. Other programs such as the Global Talent Stream have a processing period of about two weeks. If you want to visit Canada as a tourist, processing the Visit Visa takes about a month. Therefore, it’s very important to understand the requirements of your specific visa that you’re to apply for. This will save you time and money.

Seek assistance from an authorised representative

Ensure to seek professional assistance from a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (ICCRC) to help make the process hassle free. The agent should be authorised and acknowledged by the Canadian government and regulatory boards. A reputable consultant will give you all the necessary assistance including advice regarding Canada visa charges. Professional assistance will increase the chances of your immigration application to be approved by the Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada. Ensure to check whether your visa consultant has an ICCRC number.

Have an appropriate budget

As you’ve already discovered that hiring a visa consultant is important, you have to have an appropriate budget to cover the costs. Additionally, there’re application and paper work fees to pay. Having enough money will make the process smooth and easy for you. If you’re to travel with dependents, you might be requested to provide proof that you have enough financial support for them and yourself. When travelling alone, you might need about CAD12,500 to support you before becoming self sufficient. It’s very important to know the costs involved and budget appropriately for the application process.

Travelling to Canada on the skilled worker program

It’s possible to travel to Canada on three programs including federal skilled trades, federal skilled worker, and experience class. However, you need some personal attributes to qualify for the programs. These might include:

  • Minimum work experience of about one or two years
  • Good language skills in English or French
  • Degree or diploma certificate
  • Good financial support for yourself or dependents

Over all…

Studying, working, or living in Canada is a very good experience. However, it requires having an appropriate visa. Luckily, you can use a visa consultant approved by the ICCRC to help you with your immigration process. This will increase the chances of having your immigration approved and save you from many hassles.

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