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If there is one place you should seek for quality, yet affordable education, it is Germany! The country boasts of highly innovative and technical institutions.
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    Over the years, Germany has become a hub for international students from all over the world. It is no surprise that it has led to a rise in the demand for a German student visa.

    You can attribute the quality education in Germany to the government’s commitment towards innovation, technological development, and affordable tuition.

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    What are the benefits of studying in Germany?

    1. Free tuition fee in all public-owned institutions
    2. World-class facilities with expert tutors
    3. Globally accepted degrees
    4. Job opportunities for graduates
    5. Programs offered in English
    6. Opportunity to learn another language
    7. You can choose to reside in the country upon completion of your program

    Admission requirements in Germany

    The requirements to get admission in Germany differs. It depends on the type of program you want to study. For undergraduate programs, you will require:

    1. The Allgemeine Hochschulreife”, which in English translate to your certificate of high school studies
    2. Admission test (in some cases)
    3. Some institutions may require you to take a basic proficiency test in German

    If it is a Master’s program:

    1. B. Sc certificate in that field or a related one
    2. Entrance test if your intending program is related to arts
    3. A minimum work experience of 1 year

    For Ph.D. programs:

    1. Master’s degree from either German-based institution or its equivalent
    2. B. Sc certificate (does not apply to all schools)
    3. Sit for the Erste Staatsprufung state test

    After a successful admission, you have to proceed to apply for your Germany Student visa.

    Visa requirements for international students in Germany?

    1. Language test results in either German or English
    2. University admission offer
    3. Proof of finance, by opening a block account with at least €1.,236) or through as sponsor in Germany
    4. Certificate from previous studies
    5. Visa application form
    6. 3 passport photo
    7. Student health insurance
    8. International passport copy
    9. Schengen visa (if any)

    It is also important to note that there are three types of Germany student visas. These include:
    I. Student visa
    II. Student applicant visa
    III. Language course visa

    If your program does not span beyond 3 months, get a Schengen visa instead. But for studies with a longer duration, you need to obtain the Germany national visa.

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