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Through the UK student visa application, a lot of individuals from other countries including India will have access to travel and study in the UK within a specific range of time.
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    The UK has reignited its passion for welcoming international students to its territory. Studying in the UK offers you an excellent opportunity to experience learning in a remarkable environment.

    Our team of UK study visa consultants is firmly devoted to helping you achieve these dreams. Our services range from admission counseling and processing, UK student visa application, and accommodation reservation.

    We have the right expertise and knowledge that will help you to secure an admission in the UK university of your dream. Besides, we have a partnership with some schools in the country. All these are available to ensure that you secure admission without any hassles.

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    What are the benefits of studying in the UK?

    Below are some of the benefits that you will enjoy as an international student in the UK:
     2 years post-study work permit
     Tourist attractions and practical exposure for students
     Standard economy and social amenities
     Work opportunities after studies
     Internship and scholarship opportunities


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    With over 12 office locations in over 6 countries, we provide local knowledge with global experience.


    Our experts suggest documentation submission as per country’s policy and applicant base.

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    What documents do you need to apply for the UK study visa?

    • Admission letter from your school together with the CAS reference number
    • Copy of International passport
    • Academic transcripts, degree certificates, English proficiency test result
    • Medical results, English test certificates, consent letter
    • Letter of consent from parents for individuals less than 18 years
    • Recent bank statement
    • Accommodation arrangements
    • Other documents depending on the school, or study program

    We will help you to apply for any UK student visa

    The choice of a UK visa will vary based on your program and the duration of the study.
    1. General UK Study Visa
    We will assist you in securing the general study visa if you plan to study beyond a period of 11 months. We will also help you to apply for the work and study options, where necessary.
    2. Short-Term Student Visa
    The short-term UK study visa is for students who wish to take a diploma or short certification programs in the UK.
    3. Tier-4 Child Visa
    Children and individuals below the age of 18 will apply under this category. We will provide your kids with the necessary representation and also direct you on how to write the parental consent letter.

    Secure a great future for yourself through quality Education in the UK. Call us on +91 6366399548 Or provide your details in the assessment form.

    Let DM-Consultants Guide you through the Admission Process and Study Visa Application

    DM-Consultants devote a majority of its resources to the UK immigration process. We have, over the years, processed hundreds of UK admission for international students.

    We aim to offer a smooth, reliable, and result-driven process for all intending students. To achieve this, we partner with several institutions in the UK. The outcome is a hassle-free admission process.

    Our consultants will professionally counsel you regarding your course of study. Afterwards, we will provide complete details of documents and requirements needed to gain admission into the selected school.

    Once we secure your admission, the next phase is to apply for the UK study visa. Contact us right away to commence your process immediately!

    Eligibility and types of UK study visa

    The UK study visa is divided into three main categories – General, Short-term, Tier-4 Children visa.

    General UK Study Visa

    The general UK study visa is for programs with a span of 11 months or less. Sometimes, it comes with an option to work and study.

    It is vital to start the application three months before the commencement of the program.

    You should prepare the following documents when applying for this class of study visa:

    • An offer of admission with a CAS reference number attached
    • Recent bank statement
    • Medical certificates, English test results, letter of consent, among others.

    Short-term student visa

    Students who are intending to take a program that is within 11 months can opt for the short-term visa. In this case, you will have to provide the following:

    • Offer of admission
    • Copy of International passport
    • Parental travel consent letter if you’re below 18 years
    • Accommodation arrangements
    • Academic transcripts, degree certificates, English proficiency test result
    • Additional documents, which may depend on the course or program of study.

    Tier-4 Child Visa

    The UK tier4 study visa is for children below the age of 18. However, it is essential to obtain a letter of consent from the parents. Every other requirement for the tier4 visa is not different from that of the general study visa.

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