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All persons or group of persons who intends to study in an institution that is within the confines of the US will need to enroll for the US Student Visa application.
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    Schooling in the United States is a dream come through for every international student. It is home to some of the best schools in the world, and the country provides opportunities for foreign graduates to explore their talents. The US study visa is an essential legal document that you must possess if you intend to study in the United States. The right choice of visa depends on your program of study and institution.

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    What are the Benefits of Studying in the US?

    Some of the significant advantages of studying in the US include:

     Globally recognized top-class learning institutions
     Established structures that support innovation, research, and training
     Diverse people with a multicultural heritage
     Campus experience
     Job and career opportunities for graduates
     Advanced technologies
     Flexibility while enjoying quality education

    What are the Types of US Student Visa?

    There are two types of US Student visa applications. You cannot use one as a substitute for the other.
    1. US Student F-Visa class
    The US F Visa class is only for students who want to travel to the US to attend the following;

     University or college
     High school
     Seminary school
     Elementary schools
     Conservatories
     Language courses

    2. US M Visa class
    The US M visa class applies to who want to take a vocational course or school in an institution that offers non-academic programs.
    ***Please note that individuals who are on a US visit visa waiver program are not allowed to take any study programs in the country. ***

    What do you require to process your US student visa?

    Before you commence the visa processing, you have to secure an admission first. The SEVP should approve such an institution.
    As soon as you pay the acceptance fee, the institution will issue the form I-20. This form is what each applicant will use to register at the SEVIS before you commence with further visa processing at the US consulate.

    Application requirements include:
     Valid passport
     Letter of acceptance from your school or college
     Visa processing fee
     Scanned copies of past transcripts or certificates
     Your intent letter
     Proof of finance
     Photo identification
    Non-immigrant applicants must first obtain the DS-160 confirmation form.

    Note:the US consulate will request you to come for an interview during the course of your application. The good news is that our expert US student visa consultants will prepare and train you thoroughly.

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    Steps to apply for the US study visa

    The first step is to apply for a US study visa is to select an appropriate institution. Then, proceed to apply for admission.

    In filing for admission, you have to provide the right documents — this, of course, varies with each school.

    Once you receive the admission letter, proceed to pay the acceptance fees and obtain the I-20 form from your school. The Form I-20 will be needed to register for SEVIS.

    Once you complete the SEVIS registration, proceed to apply at the US embassy. Alternatively, applicants can go through competent immigration consultancy.

    For the visa application, you may be needing the following documents;

    • Passport copy
    • Letter of admission
    • Academic transcripts/certificates
    • Bank statements showing sufficient funds to cover study and living expenses
    • Qualification certificates in case you want to apply for a vocational study
    • Passport-sized photo

    Types of US study visa

    There are two types of US study visa. Each of them has its requirements and applicants cannot interchange one for the other.

    F-Visa – applies to students who want to apply for a program in any of the institutions below:

    Conservatories, Colleges, High school, Language institutions, Seminaries, or private elementary schools.

    M-Visa – applies to students intending to take up a vocational study in a non-academic institution.

    Please note: You may be requested to attend an interview during your application. However, our consultants will ensure that you’re adequately prepared.

    We will train and enlighten you on the possible questions and the appropriate answers.

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