Significance of IELTS for Moving to Canada

If you aspire to move to Canada either for studies or work or to become a permanent resident there, one of the primary criteria that you have to fulfil is pass the IELTS exam. The International English Language Testing System is a globally approved test that proves the English language proficiency of the person. The test is especially popular in the non-English speaking nations like India, where the first language is not English. The test is jointly conducted and managed by the Cambridge English Language Assessment, IDP Education Australia and the British Council.

No matter, if you are applying for a study or work visa, the IELTS exam is the same for all, in terms of format, level of difficulty, scoring and content. And, although there is no limit on how often you can retake this exam, it is advisable that you take your time to prepare well before the second attempt. If get high score in Canada immigration points for IELTS, it would give you an edge over others who have lower scores than you and improve your chances of getting the Canadian visa approved.

Significance for IELTS for student visa

If you want to study in Canada, remember, the universities in Canada require you to achieve a certain minimum score to be eligible for admission for their courses. There are different types of IELTS exams and depending on the type of course you are applying for, you must take the right test. For instance, you are applying for an undergraduate or a postgraduate, you must take the Academic IETS tests, whereas if you are applying for a certification program or any other course that does not award a degree you must take the general training IELTS test.

The main reason why you need to take IELTS test is that it gives the universities a proof that you are qualified to successfully complete the education program taught in English. Getting a high score in IELTS will improve your chances of getting admission in the college/university of your choice.

Significance for IELTS for work visa

Just like providing proof of your proficiency in English for studying abroad, showcasing your English skills to the potential employer is important to work abroad. Having a good command over the language is a key to attain success in your career and strong language skills is considered to be a valuable asset in all jobs. If you are applying for a work visa, you need to achieve either ‘vocational’ or ‘competent’ English language skills, which means that you need to showcase that you have greater skills than just conversational English.

In Canada, different organisations have different minimum IELTS score requirements for their employees. It is therefore important that you check with the organisation that you are applying for and know what minimum score they are expecting, so that you can prepare accordingly.

Also, the minimum IELTS also varies for different profession. For instance, if you are applying for a teacher’s position, the minimum expected score is 7 whereas for labour-level employment, the minimum required score is lower.

Significance for IELTS for PR

The Canadian immigration agency considers the IELTS score as part of their review process for granting the PR visa. For the immigration officials, strong language skills signify the applicants’ ability to seamlessly integrate into the community. The IELTS scores is considered as an important criterion by the immigration authorities to filter the number of applications and control the number of migrants entering the country. It is therefore important that you don’t take the IELTS test lightly and high Canada immigration points for IELTS will only strengthen your application.

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