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DM Consultants offer genuine and comprehensive assistance with skilled immigration to Australia from India.
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    DM Consultants offer genuine and comprehensive assistance with skilled immigration to Australia from India. Our services are categorized into stages, which include:

    1. Counseling and profile assessment
    2. Prelanding services which include the required filing and documentations
    3. Postlanding services after procuring the Australia PR visa
    4. These services are in-depth, and through our expertise, we ensure that you have what it takes to apply for these programs.


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    Australia is the right country to seek career opportunities, quality life, and advanced education. Also, the country provides several skilled migration programs – these allows you to achieve your employment and residency goals in Australia.
    Being the best Australian immigration consultant in Pune, we have immense skills and experience in this field. Therefore, we assist you in applying for these programs without being overwhelmed!


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    Migrating to Australia from Pune requires strategic planning and documentation. Moreover, there are guidelines and criteria for each visa program that you must fulfill.

    Sometimes, these processes can be overwhelming.

    That is why we have assembled a highly knowledgeable & expert team of the best Australia immigration consultants in India. We provide you with the right guidance and representation that will increase your chances of visa approval. So if you are interested in acquiring immigration services in Pune, then connect with us today!

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    What is the Australia General Skilled Migration Program?

    The General Skilled Migration program offers a permanent resident visa to skilled foreign workers looking to migrate and settle in Australia. The program takes a lot of factors into consideration. A few of these include the applicant’s work experience, language proficiency, and level of education, qualifications, work experience, and language proficiency.
    It is a point-based program, and there are sub-categories under this particular program too. Eligible applicants need to have a minimum of 65 points before they can apply for this program. Of course, there are other criteria, and this is where our expertise becomes handy.

    What Are the Requirements to Migrate From India to Australia as a Skilled Worker?

    You should fulfill the basic requirements below to migrate from India to Australia as a skilled worker:
     Applicants must be between 45 to 50 years, and this may vary based on the visa subclass.
     The applicant must have an eligible occupation in the Australia skilled occupation list.
     Provide an IELTS test certificate to prove proficiency in the English language
     Medical assessment and police clearance report
     Proof of sufficient funds to settle in Australia

    Australian General Skilled Migration Subclasses:

    There are five subclasses of this particular program. These include:

    Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 The Australia subclass 189 visa is a point-based system designed for skilled workers who are not sponsored by a state, territory, a family member, or an employer.
    Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190 The 190 visa is for skilled workers nominated by an Australian territory or state.
    Graduate Temporary Visa Subclass 485 It is a visa for students who studied in Australia for at least two years. It provides them the opportunity to work and live anywhere in the country.
    Skilled Nominated Provisional Visa Subclass 489 The 489-subclass visa is for skilled workers who have been nominated by a territory or state. These nominees will live and work in a regional growth area.
    Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 887 This system does not require points to be scored by an applicant. It grants legal permanent residence to the eligible Candidates.

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