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Australia presents numerous opportunities in term of education and career advancement. It is a promising destination for immigrants looking to build a successful career. This country also offers multiple immigration options to skilled workers seeking employment or investment avenues in the country. And with the help of the best Australian immigration consultants in India, applicants will be able to travel and settle in this country with ease.

DM Consultants offers immigration applicants comprehensive immigration consultancy to Australia from India. Our services include document process and in-depth consultation about migration options that applicants can tackle.

End-to-end immigration to Australia from India consultancy services

Travelling and relocation to Australia require document processing and going through the migration process set by the specific jurisdiction. Our Australia immigration consultant in Pune, India can provide you with the necessary information you need and tackle options that can increase your chances of approval.

Read more about Australia’s skilled migration program here:

General Skilled Migration Program in Australia:

Under this program, skilled workers can aim for the permanent visa of Australia depending on their qualifications, work experience, and language proficiency. This system has five visa subclasses based on the points system. The candidates should gain a minimum 60 points from the grid under General Skilled Migration for successful Australian immigration. This system has many requirements. This is where you can rely on the expertise of DM Consultants to make your transition smooth and expedient.

Requirements for General Skilled Migration Program For Australia:

A lot of basic requirements should be fulfilled by the candidates to improve their chances for permanent immigration to Australia.

  • • The age of a candidate should be under 45 or 50 years at the time of application depending on the visa subclass applied for.
  • • The nominated occupation should be present in the Skilled Occupations List of Australia.
  • • Pass the International English Language Testing System for proving your proficiency in the language for working in Australia.
  • • A medical assessment to show that you are in reasonably good health for working in the country.

Australian General Skilled Migration Subclasses:

In 2012-13, the General Skilled Migration or Skillselect program replaced the earlier skilled immigration worker visas that were in effect. With this system, five Australian visa subclasses were introduced to simplify the process of immigration. They include:

  • • Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189:
  • This is a points-based system specifically designed for skilled workers who are not sponsored by a state, territory, a family member, or an employer.
  • • Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190:
  • This system is meant for skilled workers who are nominated by an Australian territory or state.
  • • Graduate Temporary Visa Subclass 485:
  • It is a visa for students having completed 2 years of study in Australia. You can live and work from 18 months to 4 years anywhere in the country.
  • • Skilled Nominated Provisional Visa Subclass 489:
  • This visa is given to skilled workers nominated by a territory or state to live and work in a regional growth area.
    • • Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 887:
    • This system does not require points to be scored by an applicant. It grants legal permanent residence to the eligible candidates.

Trustworthy team of immigration consultants for Australia in Pune

Whether you are travelling to Australia to visit someone or take a chance to further your career, our team of honest and competent immigration consultants will guide you throughout the process and provide relative insights that can help increase your chance of getting your visa or migration application approved.

They would also help you to prepare for your interview and offer valuable tips that can help you formulate answers that would help boost your chances of getting approved.

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