Being a developed country with an impressive growth rate and 10th highest nominal per capita income in the world, Canada is one of the most preferred immigration destinations. The country has welcomed millions of people seeking a successful career and life opportunities. Over the years, it has largely transformed and simplified its immigration policies, especially for the skilled workers. These professionals can help in boosting the economic growth of the country and Canadian government provides the facilities to make their immigration fast and effective. If you are also exploring career opportunity in this wonderful country, we are just one call away from you. At DM Consultants, we provide comprehensive support to secure your Canadian immigration  visa as a skilled immigrant.

Express Entry System:
The Canadian government implemented a fast-track Express Entry immigration program in 2015 for individuals and families seeking a better life and career in this country. This program has been driving the economic immigration to the country. It is a system used by IRCC or Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada. It manages the applications received through the federal immigration programs from eligible candidates having been invited for immigration to Canada depending on their human capital, experience, and skills.

The Procedure:
Under Express Entry system, eligible candidates should submit an Expression of Interest or EOI which is used as a basis for ranking. A Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is used to assign a score out of 1200 for ranking the federal economic candidates to receive ITA or Invitation to Apply. The draws for Express Entry system are conducted usually in two weeks by IRCC. The candidates who could not make it can apply again by improving their profile.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • • Every candidate applying for skilled immigration under the Express Entry system should have one year of full-time and continuous work experience within the previous 10 years. This experience should be gained in any of the 347 occupations that are listed in National Occupational Classification system. This system has categories for various skill types. The candidates should acquire sufficient points under the relevant grid depending on some factors.
  • • Pass the language proficiency examinations like the Canadian English Language proficiency index program or international English language testing system.
  • • Possess adequate funds for settlement.
  • • A successful background and security check.

Provincial Nominee Programs:
The Canadian provinces and territories have streamlined their immigration programs to nominate immigrants under PNPs or Provincial Nominee Programs. Candidates applying for this program should possess the desired skills, experience, and education to contribute for development of provincial economy.

Quebec Skilled Worker Programs:

The province of Quebec has a special immigration program based on its individual rules and regulations. Under this program, the candidates should apply for a certificate of selection from the provincial government and apply for permanent residency under CIC or Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

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