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Canada has an outstanding reputation for its diversity and economic growth. Interestingly, the country continues to welcome skilled immigrants who will utilize their experience in growing the economy.
In turn, these workers receive a Canadian permanent resident visa.
This is an excellent opportunity to explore the diverse, skilled migration programs in Canada. It takes a few months to become a pr visa holder, and we are here to make that dream come true!
As certified Canada immigration agents in Pune, we do not advise ineligible individuals to carry on with the Express Entry or PNP application.
Instead, we offer a thorough counseling session to determine your eligibility. Based on your profile, we will then proffer the best program to improve your chances of getting an invitation.

How To Secure Immigration To Canada From Pune As A Skilled Worker?

There are three main programs to migrate to Canada from Pune as a Skilled Worker. These are:
1. Federal Express Entry
2. Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)
3. Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

Tailor-made Canada immigration services in Pune, India

Every immigration applicant has specific needs, therefore, need distinct attention and focus. Experts at DM Consultants aim to cater to the individual requirements of clients and provide options that would help increase their chances of getting their application approved. Our immigration services include document processing and complete consultancy. With the help of our competent and knowledgeable Canada immigration agents, we can provide you with the necessary information to help you to arrive at a sound decision regarding your migration application.

Federal Express Entry

Through this particular program, the Canadian government invites workers with the right occupation, experience, or skillset to migrate to Canada as a permanent resident.
This is the central hub of economic migration to Canada. And you are not left out!
This specific means of seeking entry into Canada is divided into three categories, namely, Federal skilled worker, Federal skilled trade, Canadian Experience Class.
The Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (ICCRC) processes every application received through this system.

How Does It Work?

Once we file an expression of interest, the system will assign a score to your profile. This score, known as the CRS score, is calculated based on your education, language ability, and skills.

As leading Canada immigration consultants in Pune, we are here to provide you with a full counseling session regarding this process. And also, calculate your eligibility based on your profile makeup.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

There are several PNP programs in Canada. These are also skilled migration programs under the supervision of the provincial government.

Some of the PNP programs are the Ontario Provincial nomination program, British Columbia PNP program, Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program, Prince Edward Island, among others.

While the minimum CRS score for a Provincial nomination is not as high as that of the Federal Express Entry, every applicant must possess the right occupation, education, and language proficiency.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program

The Quebec government provides its unique provincial nomination program. Under this program, interested applicants have to obtain a selection certificate from the province.

Selected candidates can now apply for a permanent resident visa through the IRCC.

What are the requirements for the Federal Express Entry and PNP Programs in Canada?

– A job position under the over 347 listed NOC occupation.
– At least one-year working experience within the last ten years
– Score the minimum required for any of the selected categories
– Provide an English language test certificate
– Have sufficient travel funds
– You should have no previous criminal record.
– Other criteria depending on the PNP or express entry category.

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